About Lead Artist
Rhea Mussai

My journey as a beauty professional started at the age of 20, balancing my budding freelance business as a makeup artist, a part-time retail job, and university. As a makeup junkie since early childhood, I had always been passionate about beauty and the way products and technique can boost a woman’s confidence.

Upon graduating in Sociology from York University, I made the decision to go all-in on my makeup career instead of continuing my initial path of pursuing a graduate degree in teacher’s college. What started as a side hustle to earn a few extra dollars turned into a full-fledged, full-time beauty business.

This life changing decision led me to passionately pursue hours and hours of self-education in makeup technique and product knowledge, and professional certification in several hair courses taught by world-recognized professionals in the industry.

Rapidly building my skill set over the years, I had the opportunity to be a part of hundreds of catholic and cultural weddings, special events, product, editorial, and creative photoshoots, as well as being an artist for MAC Cosmetics. I am incredibly fortunate to be trusted in assisting and representing some of Toronto’s most coveted artists, to have been flown out overseas for destination weddings, and most importantly to be favoured by countless women as their beauty confidante.

Having worked with women of all walks of life, ages and ethnicities, I am confident in my ability to create unique and customized looks that enhance rather than alter. I am also more than humbled to be teaching my skills and knowledge to other aspiring artists. Above all, there is absolutely nothing more rewarding than bringing out a woman’s inner beauty and confidence to take on her biggest moments.

Rhea Mussai makeup artist

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